Setting Up An Initial Session

The easiest way to get in touch with me is to send me an e-mail inquiring about my availability. From there, I will set up a time for us to speak over the phone so that I can get an idea of what your needs and concerns are, and I’ll look at my availability to make sure that our schedules align.

Begin Today

Email me to schedule a time to connect


My individual therapy fee is $175 for 50 minutes.  An initial assessment is $200 and usually takes about 75 minutes. These amounts not only reflect the time we have together, but the information gathering, treatment planning and preparation that goes into each session. I spend a great deal of time outside of my daily sessions enhancing my treatment knowledge and experience, and I often consult with other evidence-based practitioners to bring my clients the most individualized, compassionate and effective treatment for their needs.


If you have mental health benefits with your health insurance, I can bill your insurance on your behalf as an ‘out-of-network provider’ but payment for sessions is still due up front.  I can also provide you with an invoice or a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.   If you elect to use your health insurance it is important for you to know what your outpatient mental health benefits are for out-of-network services before we begin our sessions together. If you’d like to know what questions to ask your health insurance about your outpatient mental health benefits, please see my FAQs page for help.

Jameson Halberg, LCSW

1000 Centre Park Drive

Located within Avora Health Center


PHONE: 828.417.2717

FAX: 828.267.0628