What if you were able to give yourself permission to be enough?

And what if you actually believed it?

Hi, my name is Jameson Halberg (or Jamie–as my clients call me).  I am a licensed therapist and a clinical social worker who specializes in helping people identify and move through old core beliefs and behavioral patterns that are contributing to pain and lack of fulfillment in their lives.


Many of my clients struggle with anxiety, trauma and/or disordered eating patterns that inhibit them from participating in life joyfully and authentically.  I love helping them identify underlying issues that contribute to these patterns.  We begin by using acceptance and lots of self-compassion to ignite the process of growth and change.


Together, I support you in the process of rebuilding.  Re-building a self that is even more resilient and able to move confidently towards authenticity and lasting happiness.


Jameson Halberg, LCSW

1000 Centre Park Drive

Located within Avora Health Center


PHONE: 828.417.2717

FAX: 828.267.0628

EMAIL: jamesonhalberg@hushmail.com