Client: “During and after my sessions with Jamie I felt like we made a friendship beyond the client- therapist role. There was also no question or challenge that I had that she was not able to help me with. Some people just listen; but you could tell when speaking to her that she has real compassion for her clients. Our sessions really changed my life.”


Client: “Jamie brought up questions and ideas that I had never thought of before. The answers helped me tor realize that I was dealing with some strong beliefs about myself that were weighing me down. I feel so much lighter with knowing where my beliefs come from, and how to manage them.” Sarah, 31


Colleague: “Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to coordinate care with Jameson (Jamie) Halberg.  Having Jamie’s presence on an interdisciplinary team has helped my clients conquer their most difficult challenges around food and self.  Her attention to detail, caring nature and awareness of the client’s needs astounds me.  I am grateful to be able to coordinate with such an amazing therapist.  Thanks Jamie for all you do.” – Kendra Gaffney, RD, LDN

Colleague: “When I connected with Jamie, I felt like I had found a pot of gold.  My patients would stop me in stores and tell me how wonderful she is.  Ann Arbor, MI has an abundant community of therapists, however, finding an individual to connect with teenagers with depression and anxiety, and keep them coming back has always been an obstacle.  Jamie was revered by the Adolescent Medicine community as a ‘go-to’ person for teenage anxiety and depression.  When she was booked, and kids saw anyone else, I did not get the same results.” Dr. Mendelow, Referring Physician

Client: “My daughter was on the edge when we first started with Jamie. She self-harmed, talked negatively about herself and spoke of suicide.  What we were trying wasn’t working and we needed someone and something new.  Therapy had failed in the past but we thought we would try again. Jamie helps my daughter adjust her thinking. She gives her a safe place where she can speak her thoughts without judgement. She helps her to see where her thoughts deceive her and helps her craft replacement thoughts. She guides but doesn’t tell.  She suggests but doesn’t preach. She leaves the door open for continued communication. Jamie is part of our team. We work together on big issues but she also maintains my daughter’s confidences. This doesn’t feel like therapy. It feels like time spent with a friend or confidant – but a friend that has a deeper understanding and keener insight into what will help things improve.  I feel more confidant in my parenting and have someone to bounce ideas off when I question my tactics and that feels safe too. I am grateful to have connected with Jamie and know my daughter is too.” -Mother of Young Adult

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